Quicktip:Event handling

I've been seeing a lot of this(image) following the launch of ActionScript 3. For me, having the debugger version of Flash Player installed it manifests as an error dialog box telling me that loading did never complete. If you don't have the debugger version of the Flash Player this will only result in the application stopping without any message.

What puzzles me a bit is how often I see this error and the share number of professionally build Flash sites where this occurs. Now, this is completely avoidable. It's just a question of handling your events.

Basically there are 6 event you handle when loading stuff over http(s). You don't actually need to do anything upon the occurrence of an event(however it is smart to do so), you simply need to handle it in order to avoid FP throwing an error shown above. Do this and your app will feel so much more well made to the end user.