Follow up: Flash and H.264[updated]

As a follow up to my recent article concerning my guess that YouTube was moving over to the H.264 codec, leaving the Adobe flv format behind. Well, it looks like it's true, kinda.. only not. Today Adobe announced in a press release support for the H.264 codec within the Adobe Flash Player version 9.x. Adobe also adds support for HE-AAC which is a part of the MPEG-4 standard like H.264. The press release do not mention in specific words on what wrapper will be supported. Will Flash Player add support for QuickTime directly, or more likely, will the H.264 codec be wrapped by the flv format. [Update: After reviewing and testing the new Flash player it is now clear that it does indeed support all h.264 formats, m4v, mov and so on. There is no new API to be used, you can use it directly trough the netstream object like you would with any flv file]

This is really great news for Flash developers as this release laster this fall will make users adapt the updated Flash Player at a faster rate, due to the almost inevitable adoption of this codec by YouTube and other online based video providers. The added support for H.264 will also mean the utilization of HD video from within Flash based apps and presentations.

A beta will be released today at

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