Review: Pixelmator

The brand spanking new Pixelmator from the Dailide brothers adds a new member to Delicious generation software pool. So, this is an image editor app for OS X, utilizing Apples core image processing routines. It's not a Photoshop replacement, yet. But it has the potential of becoming one.

I'm a vigorous Photoshop user, so naturally I'm accustomed to the tools provided to me in that app. Containing in that mode, Pixelmator was a no brainer, the menus and tools where almost exactly where I expected them to be located. There is one huge difference in the UI though.. Pixelmator is far better than Photoshop, not only does it look prettier, it's also more logical, cleaner and does make for a sleeker experience. You won't get scared when being presented with the Pixelmator interface, you'll go "vow, way cool man!". Where when opening Photoshop for the first time you'll go "ehm, do I really need this".

However.. this is the first release of Pixelmator, and it is slow.. sometimes too slow, even on my iMac Core2Duo. Photoshop is much faster..and that matters. But as a whole I do believe that Pixelmator will become a Photoshop time. Check it out at!

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