Quicktip: Ducking local security in FlashPlayer

Ever needed to test a swf containing networking residing on your local hard drive? Sure, you can choose to export for only network from the publish menu in Adobe Flash. But what if you need to load some movies locally and then make a connection to your remote server at the same time? Well, out of the box, you can't. But wait, there is a simple solution to allow flash player to do both when playing locally. Only tree easy steps..

1. Open your favorite texteditor(BBEdit, Coda, Textmate..) and create a new textfile. At the first line, type the path of the folder where your project resides, e.g./Users/username/myproject

2. Save the file with a .cfg extension to: /Library/Application Support/Macromedia/FlashPlayerTrust/

3. There is no step 3

Note: You can do this for your entire user account, but I strongly recommend not to do so, cos this will allow not trusted files to run both networking and local command on your computer if you download them. You don't want that.

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