Screencast # 3 - iPhone web app Twitter viewer

In this Screencast I create a really simple iPhone Web Application using DashCode, one of the tools provided trough the iPhone Developer Tools.
I'll show you how to create a simple Twitter viewer, getting started using lists and how to use value transformers in DashCode.

Download DashCode Project


shriek said...

hi Jørn, great screencast. Good for beginners!

I wonder how you overcame the cross-domain issue. I assume you would deploy your twittertest app to a server (which would not be and then the code would not work because of the alerted cross-domain restrictions.

Jørn Kinderås said...

Crossdomain JS has always been a problem. Usually I end up using a proxy on the server hosting the webapp, but you could actually use a swf file to work as a proxy between the feed and the JS..not if you're on an iPhone though

Chucky said...

i can not get this to work on the new dashcode and also using sdk 4 ... it always comes up failed resource code
even with following the steps.. do you know if this is a problem with the new dashcode?