Quicktip: Flipping an image with JavaScript

Let's say you wanted to flip an image in you web-app horizontally or vertically. By using a tiny bit of JavaScript and CSS 3 this is really easy.

//Get the image
var img = document.getElementById('myimage');
//Flip it horizontally
img.style.webkitTransform = 'scaleX(-1)';

And you're done! Note that this will only work in webkit browsers. The equivalent for Mozilla browsers would be «img.style.MozTransform». To flip the image vertically you could use: «scaleY(-1)». And to flip both horizontally and vertically at the same time: «scale(-1,-1)».

[edit 17.03.2011]
You can of course do this in other browsers besides Gecko or WebKit based browsers, as pointed out in the comments. Safari will actually support both the «webkit» and the «Moz» prefix, but this will most likely go away soon. So what you'll need to use is feature detection. This will still not work in ALL browsers, but the usable ones will most likely support it.
  img.style.webkitTransform = 'scaleX(-1)';
}else if(img.style.MozTransform){
  img.style.MozTransform = 'scaleX(-1)';
}else if(img.style.OTransform){
   img.style.OTransform = 'scaleX(-1)';
}else if(img.style.msTransform){
   img.style.msTransform = 'scaleX(-1)';
   img.style.transform = 'scaleX(-1)';


Helge said...

You can do the same in IE9 and Opera:


Jørn Kinderås said...

Indeed you can, and the JavaScript version of these methods are as follows:

- Internet Explorer: «msTransform»
- Opera: «OTransform»