Quicktip: Skewing an image with JavaScript and CSS3

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you needed to skew a rabbit? If you haven't, you'll probably enter this place soon, so here I am to prepare you. The task is to skew an image on a HTML page using CSS and JavaScript. This could be attached to for instance a button click event. This is a one liner..
document.getElementById('myImage').style.transform = "skew(-15deg)"
The «skew» property of the «transform» CSS method takes degrees of skew as an input. Negative numbers will skew the image top right, bottom left and positive numbers..the other way around.
Note that in order for this to actually work, you will need to use vendor prefixes as the time of writing this post. For Safari (desktop and iOS) and Chrome (and Android) you would use «webkitTransform» for FireFox «mozTransform» and so on.

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