Getting you bearings with JavaScript on iOS

This post is an extension of my previous post on accessing the gyroscope in your iOS device from JavaScript for a web application. So be sure to read that one first or you'll probably get squat.

New in iOS 5 is the ability to access the compass using JavaScript. This is done precisely in the same way as with all other «orientation data». The «deviceorientation» event on the window object will (on iPhone 4 or newer running iOS 5 and newer) contain two properties related to the compass, these are:

  • «webkitCompassHeading» [0-360°] - Where 0 is magnetic north
  • «webkitCompassAccuracy» - How many degrees the heading is off (-1 if error)
So for the demo I'm using the same arrow as in the gyroscope post, except now with gorgeous «north» and «south» indicators added. The goal of the demo is to make the arrow point towards north. When you're done playing with it, take a look at the source and amaze at its simplicity.

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